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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  February 13, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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los angeles but the coroner still won't say the cause of death. the plane carrying whitney houston's body took off from los angeles and is now on its way to the state of new jersey. it's not yet known what killed whitney houston. >> she was unconscious and unresponsive by the time she was found dead. >> reporter: a member of houston aaun ter raj found the 48-year-old grammy winner in the bathroom of her beverly hills hotel room on saturday. >> was she under water? >> i don't have any information on that. >> reporter: houston's battle what drugs was well known. officials are not ruling out any causes of death until they have the results of toxicology tests which would take six to eight weeks. >> until we run a tox and see the level and what's in the system, we're not gonna speculate. >> reporter: this woman brought her 16-year-old niece to the coroner's office to pay her respects. >> her smile was so pleasant and grateful and her singing, it just -- it just touched my
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heart. at her peak, her powerful voice made her one of the world's best-selling artists. houston's body took her family from the coroner today to be flown back east. the funeral expected services -- the funeral services are expected to be held later this week. at the high school, the principal paid tribute -- >> she's a fine person. very sad. >> reporter: students walked from the school grounds to houston's childhood home as they remembered a music legend who inspired generations. and even in deak, whitney's fans are following her. there was a woman who came today to pay respects here at the coroner's office. allen? >> the autopsy is done, as you said. we're gonna have to wait for the toxicology report. so is that the reason they are not giving any indication as to the cause of death, they simply want to wait for the toxicology? >> reporter: well, the assistant chief at the
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coroner's office was asked repeatedly whether drugs played a role in her death but he refused to answer, citing, one the police investigation still ongoing and the toxicology results that could take six to eight weeks. he says even before those results come in, there is a possibility they may be able to start to ruling out causes of death but don't expect that announced publicly. thank you. one investigator thinks it will be wednesday when he will know -- we'll know how she died. >> i think they will determine that she dried from the drugs. >> so whitney houston had xanax and she had arzapam and valium. now, these three drugs essentially do the same thing. >> he says investigators will be looking into every detail surrounding all of houston's prescriptions including which doctors prescribed them.
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some bay area musicmakers are taking the loss especially hard tonight. we're in san rafael where houston recorded some of her earliest lits. >> reporter: and this may not look like much than a storage complex but this is where produers are located and some of houston's biggest hits were recorded. it's the unmistakable sound of a star. ♪ i fall in love >> reporter: an originally recording of a young whitney houston singing the hit that bay area song writers george merrill and shannon rubukum wrote for her first first album. >> we just sat down and wrote what we thought would be a good song. >> reporter: at the time, she was unknown. the song "how will i know" was originally meant for janet jackson. but then she heard it and -- >> as soon as i heard it with george, we just went oh, my
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god! >> she was this young, vibrant spunky kid. she could do anything. >> reporter: whitney and producer walden would turn their words into hits t was -- hits. it was here in the studio that seven of houston's number one hits were produced. some were recorded here, using this very microphone. >> lionel richie, aretha franklin, whitney houston. >> reporter: the proof adorns the walls here. walden worked closely were -- with houston. on his facebook page, the producer said we're so grateful to have been a part of her legacy. >> shock, sadness, celebration. >> reporter: marilyn says the end came too soon for the young girl they knew but she gave them memories they will never forget. >> we love you, whitney. >> reporter: and then rubukum went on to write "i want to dance with somebody" and that
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one topped the charts in about 13 different countries. >> this was huge. thank you. can lin to whitney houston's bay area recordings -- listen to whitney houston's bay area recordings as well as get them on our website. new at 5:00, it's a mess. broken windows, floors covered in paint. heas just some of the -- that's just some of the widespread vandalism discovered. here's more on why the damage is especially hard for the community to take. >> reporter: tomorrow this was supposed to be turned over as a shining new example of how bond money could help the iron triangles of the press area. independent stead -- instead, authorities walked in and found out that in the middle of the day yesterday, vandals inflicted this type of damage, broken win dice, gouged walls. they took paint and spread it all over the floors. they did it in the middle of the day. richmond police response -- responded to the alarm going off. but it turns out the alarm was
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for the adjacent school, so they went there instead. the damage could be $100,000 or more. but it's also the time and the real shocker, according to west contra costa school board president, charles ramsey, is that this isn't the first time. here's what he had to say. >> look at that. that's -- we're talking just recently installed last week for the second time. they vandalized it -- this is the second time this happened. this happened before six weeks ago. >> this is obviously not your normal vandalism. somebody came in here with the specific inten to do major -- intent to do major dis-- destruction. >> reporter: they did just that. there's a $10,000 reward for information to catch the culprit. it's the third school that's been hit in the last 18 monthing. back to you.
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-- 18 months. hayward police are searching for shooting -- for the man who shot a man in his 20s. his identity is not known or not released at this time. rain is tome po rarely halting the search for more remains near lyndon in san joaquin valley. since thursday, forensic teams dug up hundreds of homes at this cattle ranch. the remains are likely victims of the so-called speed freak killers who went on a meth- inducing killing spree a few years ago. wesley shermantine disclosed the location after a bounty hunter agreed to pay for that information. the other suspect committed suicide. a group challenging california's firmtive action ban takes the rite fight to a san francisco courtroom. a federal appeals court heard arguments against proposition 209. critics say since it passed, the percentage of minorities
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has dropped significantly at uc's most press tigous campus us -- prestigious campuses. well, the president rolled out his 2013 budget proposal today. but he may have gotten an early sign of just how hard it will be to push through. literally. look at it. boxes of documents became stuck in the door. the $13 trillion spending plan includes money for job growths. >> we have to do everything in our power to keep this recovery on track. >> somebody asked me if this bucket was dead on arrival. i said no, it's not dead on arrival. it's "debt on arrival." >> the plan renews the calls
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for tax hikes on the wellly and includes $4 trillion worth of spending cuts. >> this yorkie was more like a family member than a pet. the brutal beating that ended with the dog's death and his owner badly hurt. plus -- nowhere to go. what's happening at a bay area school forcing most of the bathrooms to be closed?
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say this yorkshire terrier named shadow was killed by suspected ng members over th . he lost his life trying to protect his owner. shadow,les york terrier, was killed by -- shadow, the york terrier, was killed over the weekend by gang members. >> reporter: that's right. this story is gonna be sad for anyone who loves or owns a dog. it involves a yorkie killed on the sidewalk for doing nothing more than trying to protect its owner.
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apparently, this is not the first time. >> i walked my dog to the corner. >> reporter: miguel says it was something he and foys 4-pound yorkshire tearier did every day. but this time when they walked in west san jose on colonial, three young men confronted them. >> they asked me if i was a gang member and i said no. and they just pursued and i was gonna -- i was try toking to get the dog home -- i was trying to get the dog home. they couldn't. he killed the dog on the -- they killed the dog on the sidewalk and laughed about it. >> the dog owner was not able to see what happened. he fell to the ground. >> he was trying to protect me. he was only a four-pound yorkie, you know. there was not much he could do. he got caught in the crossfire. i feel so bad. i feel so bad.
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i'm just still going through the motions. >> reporter: the three suspects had apparently been part of a car wash across the street organized to help pay for a funeral for another young man who was gunned down last week. they apparently jumped miguel because he a red baseball cap on. >> the only thing we know that the folks that caused the dog to die and the attack is related to the car wash. >> reporter: miguel has another yorkie that his cousin bought him to help with the loss. but he says shadow helped him getter over a -- get over a drug problem. >> i'm so sad he's gone. >> reporter: a necropsy was done. the san jose police department and animal services officers are still looking for the suspects. they could be charged with
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felony cruelty to an animal if they are caught and charged. len ramirez, cbs5. a massive fire destroys a pennsylvania ski lodge. what made it so difficult for firefighters bat battling those flames -- battling those flames. and some bay area high school students left with nowhere to go. the reason the principal is shutting down most of the school's rest rooms. what an interesting day across the bay area. we have had sunshine, plenty of rainfall. we even had some rainbow sitings like this one here over the bay bridge. now the neighborhood that drops below freezing tonight as "eyewitness news" continues on cbs5.
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students against administrators. the issue is an urgent o . controversy at a contra costa high school is pitting students against the administrators. the issue -- you might say it's an urgent one. students just want to use the school's restrooms. officials have left some students nowhere to go. at mt. diablo high school, the building are dark and locked up for the presidents day holiday. even if the school was open, many of its restrooms wouldn't be. >> my understanding is that they are closed for -- because
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they were not able to supervise -- adequately supervise the rest rooms. >> reporter: vandalism, graffiti fixtures ripped from the walls. it became such a problem the principal closed all but one pair of rest rooms. another set was recently opened when students began conplaining to the school -- complaining to the school board but the principal is concerned. >> i don't believe having two sets of restrooms, one set for boys and one set for girls, accomplishes the state -- konk eches konk -- covers the state law. >> reporter: this man serves on citizen watchdog groups. he's outraged that the actions of a few bad anles are ruining -- apples are ruining things for everyone. >> it puts schools, the taxpayers in a horrendous spot because the taxpayers have to pay for damage constantly being done. >> reporter: both men agree that tax payer money should not
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be wasted and both would like to see stronger pms for vandals. they also wish students would exert more peer pressure. but here's one more suggestion. >> get the parents to get off their lady butts and raise the kids properly. there's your answer. >> reporter: back to you. >> okay. well, this massive fire that destroyed a ski lodge in pennsylvania burned true the night -- through the night. firefighters say the extreme cold weather made it pretty difficult for the crews to get water from the hydrants and put out that fire quickly. high winds they say also fanned those flames. we got our wet weather. a much-needed blast of winter in the seer raw. even some lower elevations finally got some snow. >> it's been a long time. we waited a long time for it. >> reporter: finally there's snow. it took until about halfway through february but poll acpines had -- poll acpines --
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pollack pines had the first snowfall. it's been a while since these guys had a snowball fight. >> they are off school. they are loving playing. they were down at the property having snowball fights and building a snowman. >> reporter: in in area it was not much of a problem. this man used his day off from work to drive up from sacramento to see the snow. >> well worth the trip. i'm gonna get some photographs and film a few more mini movies and head back down the hill. >> reporter: but for people who live in the area, the snow was more important than just snowball fights. and the fact that it fell here, it's a relief. >> we need a lot more of it. i was afraid we weren't gonna get it but the almanac said we were. so i wasn't too worried about it. >> great up there and tons of water for everyone.
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>> roberta, let's hope it's not a rare sight. >> i believe we'll get more for the presidents day holiday weekend. 10 inches fell there in the overnight hours. we still have at least another 7 more inches and then locally we had 4 inches of snow at mount hamilton today. this is a live high-def doppler radar. i want to show you where we're still picking up light precipitation. we'll head to the north bay and to the east of clearlake. that's about it. north bay you are beginning to dry out. east bay we're picking up some light snowfall around the eastern foothills and all the way into the mt. hamilton area. here you have a nasty evening commute around the san mateo bridge. you can see the cell, pretty moderate to heavy downpour. here you have the santa clara valley right there in santa clara as well as in campbell and san jose and moderate to heavy rain around highway 87 at this hour. it looks like for the most
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part, the area will pressure that core. it's just centered over san jose. it's pushing out and our skies are beginning to clear out. temperatures are currently in the 40s in the trivalley. 49 in san jose. 50s throughout much of the bay area. with the magnitude of this area of low pressure, the power associated with it. we have a high surf advisory. records to 47 feet. half moon bay, already seeing 20-foot breakers, exceeding that advisory. there you have the low spinning out to the south. the front passed through last night. with it some winds out of the northwest at 30. those winds will continue to blow tonight, about 10 to 20 miles an hour. once they settle down and this low moves out, cool air continues to funnel into the bay area. our temperature also gonna take a big-time nose dive overnight. so the showers dissipating. tomorrow, partly cloudy and cool conditions. a chance of a shower overnight tuesday night and the north bay and east bay foothills. otherwise tonight's lows, 31 in
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livermore. 36 in san jose. tomorrow's daytime high temperatures topping off in the 50s across the board. one isolated 60. that's about it. otherwise, some partly cloudy conditions each day. the next shot at real rainfall. right now computer models are suggesting from friday note each day through the weekend and one last reminder for you -- >> oh. >> there you go. >> like i need it. >> oh, yeah, mr. romantic here. valentine's day. >> thank you roberta. ♪ stressed out vocal cords don't just affect adele. doctors look at why many have to go through the same surgery as she did -- next.
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that's . bill cosby had a routine about cook lit cake for breakfast. well, it can help you lose weight according to a tel aviv
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study. the 600-calorie breakfast high in carbs and cat -- calories, those who tried that, lost more weight than the group who didn't east breakfast. nutritionists have mixed feelings. recent vocal cord surgery didn't stop her. last night adele won six grammy award and what almost see lensed her voice could happen to anyone -- silenced her voice could happen to anyone. here's more. ♪ >> adele wowed them at the grammys just months after undergoing throat surgery. >> i want to say thank you. >> but you don't have to be a singing sensation to be at risk for the exact same problem. all you need is a wireless plan. >> now people have cell phones, now they are in constant communication with folks. >> this doctor performed adele's surgery to remove a polyp on her vocal cords of she's doing a lot of these --
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cords. he's doing a lot of these surgeries in nonsingers who use their voices a lot. it's not just performers. it can happen for executives. it can happen for someone on wall street, teachers, all kinds of folks who have huge vocal responsibilities. >> but he expects to see more cases about our voices being under constant stress thanks in part to technology. our voice boxes weren't simply designed to handle all of the high-tech talking. >> today's most people's vocal downtime is when then they are -- >> when is valentine's day? >> tomorrow. >> what's the weather gonna be tomorrow? >> now, cell phones are one factor. for all expected to produce more results more quickly every day at work. that requires more meeting and that means more talking. add cell phones and smart devices and he says that's the
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sound of trouble. >> you are making my career sound short as a reporter. >> i'm sorry. [ laughter ] >> i'm one to talk. my voice is not up to par this week. >> you will be back to strength tomorrow. >> yeah. >> okay. thank you. healthier than chocolate. with the same message of love. these apples are becoming popular in china. the love patterns and characters grown on to the surface of the paple -- apple there. growers cover the fruits and bags. the covered parts of the apples pale yellow. the exposed parts turn to red under the sun. a vital cancer drug for children is in short supply. we'll tell you what's being done for the kids who need it -- tonight on the cbs evening newsp. news.
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here's what we re working on for eyewitness news at 6. strangest . i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. it may be the strangest unemployment problem anywhere. thousands of jobs that pay six- figure salaries. why bay area companies can't find anyone to hire. and when we think of volcanos, this is what usually comes to mind. why government scientists are suddenlily on the look out-- suddenly on the lookout. >> okay. we will see new 30 minutes. will we be looking out for more rainbows? >> you may still see it. with the sun setting at 5:40


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